Andover Websites


With the website being your key point of information for your existing and prospective customers it’s important for it to reflect your business. Personalised websites are often perceived to be too expensive.

By charging an hourly rate your site can be tailored to your needs at an affordable rate. Additional improvements and pages can be added over subsequent months to help spread the costs. Call now for a free consultation (07968 122242).


The hosting service is where your website is located and made available throughout the internet.  It is also where doain names are registered and domain specific email accounts are serviced.

Various levels of service are available depending on budget and requirements.

Hosting packages are normally renewed on an annual basis.


Probably the simplest, quickest & cheapest part of the whole process – but also the most important.

A name that is easy to remember and enables people to recognise who you are and what you do makes a good choice.

Domain names are normally renewed every two years, although longer time periods are available.


Leaflets, flyers, posters and business cards are an important part of publicising your business. By linking these with your website design you can be assured of a co-ordinated set of publicity materials.

Printer ready PDF files, are created, complete with appropriate settings (crop marks, bleed, etc.) as required by your favourite printer. Call now for a free consultation (07968 122242).


With an extensive range of experience, in a variety of different business types, help and advice can be provided throughout all stages of the project.   This helps you through the process from domain name suggestions, logo design, website structure through to publicity materials.


A number of website types are promoted as ‘user modifiable’. Once such a site is designed, created and published then guidance and training is available from a fully qualified trainer. This will guide you through the process to modify and update the site yourself, should you require.

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